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What is web hosting?

Just getting started with blogging and have no idea what it means when someone tells you that you need hosting for your site? We will break it down in simple terms to teach you what web hosting means!

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What is web hosting?

Think about your website as a bunch of files. You need a place to store those, right? And I’ll bet you are already running out of hard drive space on your laptop with all of those downloads!

There’s no way you could store everything required in order to have a website (or at least not without some significant investment in equipment and knowledge).

That’s where web hosting comes in! There are companies out there in the business of having all the equipment necessary to host websites!

Are there different types of hosting?

There are many different types of web hosting options, and choosing one will be unique to your own situation.

For most beginners who are setting up a WordPress site and won’t have much traffic, a shared plan will be the most economical and will be sufficient until the website starts to grow.

As your site grows, and becomes an important income source, you may choose to move to a dedicated server of some type that will provide more stability and will better serve larger amounts of traffic. This type of hosting can also be managed, meaning someone is always keeping an eye on it. As you can imagine, this hosting can be significantly more expensive.

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How do I choose a hosting company?

There are a few important factors to consider when choosing a hosting company that’s right for you:

  • cost – needs to fit your budget
  • reliability – need to make sure that you website will always be running and accessible
  • customer service – they should be easy to work with and should answer all of your questions
  • security – you want to make sure no one who shouldn’t gains access to your site

Hosting company recommendations

While we don’t have the one perfect answer for everyone, we do have a couple of favorites that we tend to work with the most when creating our own websites or helping our students.

You can check out our latest recommendations on our resources page, and if you have any questions, reach out and let us know!

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