What is SEO?

Whether you are a blogger, website owner or just starting to think about taking your business online, you may have wondered “What is SEO?”. Our simple approach to SEO will help you understand why this is such a critical component for any business or blog today.

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In the most basic terms SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  It’s essentially how visible your content is online without having to pay to have it seen.  When someone goes to Google or to another search engine and types in a search term, Google is analyzing all of the content out there on the web to find what it thinks is the best fit for what that person is searching for, and delivers those results in a ranked fashion.

Based on how the user interacts with those results, the content is further ranked by Google as to it’s usefulness and the cycle continues so that Google meets its objective of providing users with the most valuable content based on what they are searching for.

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What are the basics of SEO?

  • every person with a website who would like for their content to be seen should understand the basics of SEO
  • at a very beginner level the first thing to understand about SEO is keywords
  • keywords are the search terms people are putting into the box in Google
  • knowing what keyword people are searching for will help you provide the most valuable content

So what is SEO all about?

  • SEO is about making your content the best and most helpful it can be
  • your job is to learn what people need or want and provide content that answers those questions
  • SEO is about having a site that is optimized and provides the best value for readers
  • when people search for something and come to your website you want to be the answer to the question that they had
  • your site also need to be optimized for speed as well as other factors that are considering when Google delivers search results

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And why should you make SEO a priority?

  • drive more traffic to your website
  • find more potential customers looking for what you have to offer
  • become an authority on your topic
  • it’s the best, most consistent and totally free way to get seen by the most people in your target audience

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