Blogging Basics

What is a Blog?

Many people think of a blog as simply an online diary which is the way they started in the mid-1990s. But a blog in today’s world is a powerful website that contains posts, which can contain anything from text to images and videos. Blogs are usually maintained by one person or a group of people who write about their personal experiences, interests, or other topics. A blog is also a powerful tool for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to build their audience or get in touch with existing customers.

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What is a Blog?

The term “blog” comes from “web log,” but what exactly does it mean? A blog is a website that’s usually created with the intention of serving as a journal of sorts for its author. It can be about anything and everything under the sun, from recipes to travel to personal experiences.

A blog, which can be any number of things from an online diary, an informational website, or even a brand’s home page on the internet, has become very popular and many people use them as an online platform to share their thoughts, opinions, and advice. Blogs not only serve as a spot for people with similar interests to connect but also help businesses reach a wider audience that is specifically interested in the subject of their blog

On a blog, people write posts or articles about a certain subject and people can leave comments to discuss things further. These types of sites have become extremely popular especially in the last 10 years with an estimated 180 million blogs currently on the web. Even businesses are very interested in using this platform to gain more attention and keep people coming back to their site often, which can increase sales.

What is the purpose of a blog?

Blogs are an important part of our current internet culture. Blogs serve many purposes, from a personal journal to teaching about a topic, to helping inform buying decisions.

People use blogs every day to learn and to be entertained. The purpose of a blog will depend on the blogger who is writing it. It could simply be a way to share a personal story with family and friends, a way to share information that the blogger feels is important, or as a way to grow a business.

What is a blog used for?

Blogs are used for many purposes including personal journaling, sharing information and memories with friends and family, educating people about a certain topic, or helping customers decide if they need to make a purchase.

As a blogger, the benefit of starting a blog is that it can help you develop an online presence and become known as an expert on a certain topic. By doing so, you may eventually be able to earn an income from your blog as well.

What are the types of blogs?

Today blogs exist on just about any topic you might imagine. Most blogs revolve around either a particular topic or the life and experiences of the blogger.

Some of the most common blog topics today are:

  • food
  • travel
  • lifestyle
  • finance
  • parenting
  • fashion
  • tech

and the list goes on.

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Blog structure: Blog vs Website

A blog is an online journal that anyone can start, while a website is usually the domain of businesses.

A blog post is published in reverse-chronological order, but this doesn’t apply to websites as the content is typically added as custom pages instead. Blogs are updated often with new content, whereas websites contain more static content.

Blogs are often used for personal reasons like providing information or sharing memories with friends and family members. Websites are more typically used by business owners who want to promote their products or services.

Some people use blogs as a way of promoting themselves and their work, which might also involve writing articles about what they’re doing on other sites. Blogs can also serve as an educational tool for those looking to learn about certain topics through extensive research into that subject matter.  This isn’t possible on most websites.

Why is blogging so popular?

Blogging has become very popular over the last decade or so for many reasons.

  • they are relatively easy to get up and running which allows you to share your voice, talent, passion, or story with the world easily
  • anyone can start a blog and so it gives you more control over your life or business
  • it’s a great way to reach people around the world
  • it can be a great way to grow a business and earn an income

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Do bloggers make money?

The answer is, absolutely!!

The key is producing quality content that readers continue to seek out and the opportunities for monetization will open up.

Blogging is certainly not a get-rich-quick venture, but it’s possible to make a part-time, full-time, or even lucrative income from blogging.

Making an income from your blog can take a lot of time and hard work. You will need to learn about blogging best practices, from SEO to social media. You will need to learn how to create content that connects with your readers and reaches a larger audience. Most people make money from their blog as traffic to their site begins to grow.

Ways to make money include:

  • ad income
  • sponsored content
  • affiliate sales
  • products and services
  • freelancing related opportunities

What you get out is about what you put into it, and if you have a solid business plan, take the time to learn and understand the aspects that go into blogging and work hard to produce quality content, the sky is the limit.  It takes passion, courage and determination but it is possible to create a career out of blogging about something you love.

How do you create a blog?

We won’t get into all the technical details with this post, but there are several platforms out there that will help you create a blog without a ton of coding or web development knowledge.

We use WordPress and recommend it for our clients (the free version) because while no platform is perfect, we believe it offers the most flexibility and the best experience for new and experienced blogger alike to create an optimized site that will easy grow with them and allow for simpler updating.

From there you choose hosting, themes, plug-ins, etc. to create a beautiful website! Of course, there is so much more to know, including how to optimize for SEO and how to promote on social media and we love teaching others how to manage these aspects of their blog.

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