What is a Blog?

Chances are you’ve heard of blogs or maybe you already have a website, but you are wanting to know how to really connect with your readers!  As bloggers ourselves, we want to explain in simple and practical terms.. What is a blog?

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The most technical we will get here is to say that the term “blog” was coined by truncating the words web and log.  Back in the late 90’s people with knowledge of coding and web creation started the first blogs, which were online diaries of sorts.

Blogs have evolved over the years into trusted informational sources on most any topic you could ever imagine.  Blogs are ran by individuals, companies and even by groups that collaborate specifically for blogging!

How do you create a blog?

As we mentioned, we won’t get into the technical details with this post, but there are several platforms out there that will help you create a blog without a ton of coding or web development knowledge.

We use WordPress and recommend it for our clients (the free version) because while no platform is perfect, we believe it offers the most flexibility and the best experience for new and experienced blogger alike to create an optimized site that will easy grow with them and allow for simpler updating.

From there you choose hosting, themes, plug-ins, etc. to create a beautiful website! Of course, there is so much more to know, including how to optimize for SEO and how to promote on social media and we love teaching others how to manage these aspects of their blog.

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What do bloggers do?

The answer to that question is about as varied as the number of blogs out there in the world! As a base level, the blogger is sharing information, education or entertainment with those interested in the topic.  A few of the most common blog topics are:

  • recipes and food
  • travel
  • parenting
  • tech and web
  • fashion

The list really goes on and on!  But the most common question we tend to get is….

Can you make money from a blog?

The answer is, absolutely!!

The key is producing quality content that readers continue to seek out and the opportunities for monetization will open up.

There are so many ways to monetize a blog! From display ads, sponsorships, selling your ebooks, selling physical products or even affiliations, the opportunities again are limited only to your imagination.

What you get out is about what you put into it, and if you have a solid business plan, take the time to learn and understand the aspects that go into blogging and work hard to produce quality content, the sky is the limit.  It takes passion, courage and determination but it is possible to create a career out of blogging about something you love.

Have questions about your blog ideas or want to chat more how we can help you get started on the path to blogging?

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