Time Management Tips with Courtney Wolf

SHOW NOTES: Episode 16

On today’s episode we are chatting with Courtney Wolf. Courtney is a certified time management coach and a mom to four kids under five. 

Courtney shares valuable advice on how we can work on time management in our lives. She says that a lot of people may assume that they are not good at time management but that does’t mean that you can’t learn to be better at time management. 

She further explains how implementing structure can actually allow freedom in your life.  When we don’t have a set plan on how things are going to go during a day, chaos typically takes over our lives. Courtney shares some ways that we can implement structure in our lives and businesses such as putting a system in place to help with productivity, batching our weeks (on Mondays we do this task, on Tuesdays we do this…etc.)

We chat about how unexpected things are going to happen in everyday life and how we can factor those things in when we are thinking about our week. Courtney explains that she likes to keep two different options open for when she can get things done. If something doesn’t happen at one point in the day, then she can use her second option to get that task done. 

Courtney shares the reason that she believes we procrastinate and make excuses about certain things in our lives that we need to get done. She shares how we can use small pockets of time to get those things done. She explains that mindset shift that happens to help with time management. We may not always have large amounts of time to sit down and get work done but we can spend 10 minutes wisely and get a task done throughout the day. That is super helpful to be sure that you are utilizing your time wisely throughout the day. 

Courtney even shares how she organizes her week and coordinates schedules to stay on task. She reminds us that it is so important to do what works for you. She shares how work-life balance can exist and the importance of prioritizing what is important to you.

This episode is so helpful for anyone who is wanting to start a blog but feels as though they may not have the time or those who have a blog but feel like there isn’t enough time to get everything done. Be sure to tune in to hear all of the helpful advice that Courtney shares with us.


  • How we can work on time management in our lives
  • How implementing structure can actually allow freedom in your life
  • Keeping our schedule when other things come up
  • How to work on goals or plans when we don’t follow through
  • Mindset shifts that we need to start making better habits that help us be productive
  • How she organizes her week to stay on task



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