To set up a website, you will need to purchase several different products, services and subscriptions. The requirements will vary by person depending on their site, but here we have listed a few of the basics for anyone wanting to get a head start.

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Domain Name

Your domain name is the address for your website.

To secure a domain name, you will need to check and see if it’s available and then you can purchase it from a registrar.

Name Cheap



We recommend a self-hosted website. Here are the companies we use:



A website theme provides the looks and functionality of your site.


Restored 316 Themes

Email Marketing Service

Email marketing is a critical component of blogging! These tools can be very powerful in growing your blog.



Time Saving Tools

Scheduling your Pinterest and Instagram posts can save you so much time!


A few notes…

There are many options available for most of these categories, however, we have listed our favorites and the ones we use personally.

As always, do your research and purchase from companies that you feel most comfortable with and that will provide the product or service you need.