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Pros and Cons of Social Media (for Bloggers)

Social media. We love it or we love to hate it. (amiright?!?) For many of us, it’s a necessity for our businesses. And while it may be a necessity, we think it’s also important to recognize that there are several pros and cons to social media.

I’m going to address a few cons first. Why? I’d like to end on a high note 🙂

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Cons of Social Media

There are many cons when it comes to social media but I’m just going to focus on 3 big areas that could contribute to problems within your business.

Con #1: You don’t own your social media content

If you are building a brand/business on social media and you don’t take this seriously, please at least recognize the risk you are taking by doing so.

There are hundreds of thousands of successful entrepreneurs who are building their businesses online. And right now, it may be amazing! But, a gentle reminder that the platform that you are posting to is not one that you own.

You don’t make the rules.

You aren’t in charge of who sees your content.

You are at the mercy of what THEY think is best for the PLATFORM, not for you and your business.

Con #2: Social media is addictive

Once you login to a social media app, it can be hard to get off of it. They are designed to rope us in and keep us engaged. Don’t believe us? Check out the book How to Break Up with your Phone by Catherine Price. Social media and our phones are meant to distract us from what we should be doing, or need to be doing.

Setting clear boundaries for social media usage will only benefit you. It does have positives, that we’ll talk about here soon, so we aren’t saying to shut it all down… but just be mindful that it can serve it’s purpose and then be willing to set some boundaries with the amount of time you use it.

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Con #3: It can be stressful

Why is social media stressful? Because it’s always changing!

Think you have Instagram all figured out? Guess what, now you have to learn Reels.

Think you have the key to Pinterest? Guess what, you need to start doing Idea Pins.

It literally never stops. There is always a new trend or something else you could be doing to grow on social media.

We’ll admit, we do enjoy this part of blogging because it keeps it exciting. But, we need to keep the “main thing the main thing” which is your blog. Remember, you OWN your blog, but you don’t own your social media content.

We recognize the importance of social media as well, so let’s take a moment to focus on some of the pros that social media offers bloggers.

Pros of Social Media

Pro #1: You can easily connect with like-minded people

If you know what you want to talk about, you can find your people without a whole lot of effort to be honest. There are hashtags, suggested accounts, etc. that make it SO easy for you to find what/who you are looking for.

This can be great for bloggers because when we share specific content we want to share it with people who will appreciate it and use it! So, if you know what you want to share, and who the type of person you want to share it with, social media can be beneficial.

Networking with like-minded people is one of the best parts about blogging!

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Pro #2: You can diversify your reach

While we don’t recommend building a business on social media alone, we also don’t recommend just building a blog. Why? Diversification.

One person may follow you on Instagram and have no idea that you have a blog. Or vice versa. You can reach all kinds of people on all kinds of platforms by engaging in some way on social media.

The trick? Don’t spend more time on social media than you do on your blog!

Pro #3: Promotion of blog content

When you get done writing an epic blog post, what do you want to do? Share it! First and foremost, it needs to go out to your email subscribers, but after that, you’ll likely want to promote it on your social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

You will likely not get the majority of your engagement from one of your social media platforms, but we appreciate any and all clicks over to our websites so use the followers that you have on those sites to promote your content to. They follow you for a reason and likely are thankful when you post new and valuable content.

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Social media can be an important part of your business strategy if you use it in a healthy way. As a reminder you are more than the number of people that follow you, and your worth is not tied to how many likes you get either.

Building a blog is the best way to secure your content for a lifetime. There is no shame in using social media to help grow your blog, just don’t rely on it solely for the growth of your business.

If you are ready to start a blog, we’d love to help you in our course, The Ultimate Blog Bootcamp.

How can you grow your blog besides social media?

How do you feel about social media?

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