Jennifer: In 2016 I was needing help with my blog and posted on my Facebook page that I was looking for a Virtual Assistant. I had someone in mind, but I didn’t know her super well and didn’t want to ask her because I wasn’t sure what she’d say.

Amy: I was a stay-at-home Mom and as a lifelong entrepreneur, I was no stranger to doing “odd jobs” to earn money. So, when I saw Jennifer’s post I messaged her immediately and said, “I’m in!”

Jennifer: Oh… did I mention we were neighbors?!

Amy: That’s my favorite part of the story. We lived next to each other for 5 years before realizing that we could make one heck of a great team!

Jennifer: I hired Amy, because she was in fact that person I had in mind to work for me. It’s crazy how this all worked out looking back on it. She worked for me for about a year and I encouraged her to start her own blog as she was helping me so much with mine and was really enjoying sharing her own story on Instagram.

Amy: I had no desire to blog. I loved helping Jennifer behind the scenes and I really enjoyed working with her. We are pretty different, but we worked really well together and both have good work ethic and push one another to do the “scary” things that others may think is crazy but we think are super fun and great business opportunities!

Jennifer: I finally convinced her in 2017 to start her blog.

Amy: Yes, I finally gave in. I am SO glad she kept encouraging me to do it, too.

Jennifer: One day while we were working at her kitchen table I shared this idea I had of starting a business helping others launch their own blogs. I wanted to teach them how to do it and how to be successful.

Amy: I nodded my head and thought she was crazy. Who was actually going to pay someone to do this? Were there actually THAT many people who wanted to blog.

Jennifer: I never knew she thought I was crazy 😉

Amy: I listened to her but honestly thought there was no way something like this would ever work… until I met someone who needed the exact service she was suggesting. I called her and told her I had our first client.

Jennifer: We had no website, no business name, no plan. I like plans!

two women looking at one computer

Amy: I’m a bit more of a wild card and will just figure it out as I go… which is the total opposite of Jennifer. (this is why we work well together… she is the calm to my crazy)

Jennifer: In a few short weeks we were up and running and working with our first client. It was awesome. We’ve made so many mistakes. We’ve learned a ton. But one thing is for sure, we love what we do at Spark Media Concepts.

Amy: I love all the people we meet and hearing their stories. I love helping people share their voice with the world. I’m so glad she had this idea because I would have never come up with it on my own.

Jennifer: And I would have never had the courage to find our first client without Amy!

So, there you have it. Spark Media Concepts began working with clients one-on-one in December of 2017. In 2020, when the pandemic hit, we knew that the world needed our services now more than ever.

People were at home more.

Blog traffic was increasing and we knew that we had the vehicle to help those who had always wanted a blog to get started… but we had to find out how to reach more people.

We took the content from our previous business model and turned it into an online course, The Ultimate Blog Bootcamp. Today, we get to help people all over the world create the website of their dreams. We designed a course that walks students through everything they need to know to get started blogging the RIGHT way from the start.

We love helping people. We are passionate about our work and helping people share their passion with the world.

We are just two women who started out as neighbors who would wave a friendly hello from time to time, but there was a much bigger plan for us as a team to share with the world. We know that there is a bigger plan for you as well and we would love to be the people to coach and encourage you along the way.