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We are answering a question that we get asked often…How do you make money blogging? But really, how do you make money blogging?

There are several ways that you can make money blogging and we want to help you choose the right way that makes sense for you and your blog. The possibilities are truly endless.

Ad Network

The first way that we want to share (and our favorite way) is through an ad network. To be on an ad network is a goal that we have for everybody that we help with blogs. 

An ad network is when you go to someone’s website and they have ads placed throughout their site. Those ads are placed by the company on the site and it’s usually in a targeted way based on the content that you have on your blog and the types of readers you have on your blog. You will earn revenue by people just coming to your page.

There are so many ad companies out there but we want you to be working with reputable companies. The two companies we recommend are Media Vine and Ad Thrive. These companies have a limited number of sessions or page views that will be required for you to qualify for their ad network. It may take you some time if you’re just starting out but the income potential once you get on an ad network can be pretty significant and it will fairly passive because it will just be traffic coming to all the posts on your site.

Affiliate Sales

Affiliate sales are when you work with a brand who is going to provide a link that you can share with your readers. So as you’re creating blog posts, you can put the links within the blog posts that correlate. When you share an affiliate link and someone buys, you will actually earn a percentage from the sales of the link. 

There are a lot of companies you can work with but some of the bigger ones are LTK and Amazon. If you have a brand that you love and you’re passionate about, you can also contact them directly for an affiliate link.

The biggest thing we want you to do when signing up for affiliate links is to be sure that you are sharing something that you feel good about sharing. Don’t share a ton of links. Make sure that it is things that are relevant to what you are talking about and aligns with your brand and what you want to say.

Also, be sure to disclose that you are an affiliate!

Sponsored Posts

These are similar to affiliate links but the biggest difference is when you are using affiliate links, you are posting these links throughout your site so it may be used on multiple posts but a sponsored post is going to be a very specific post that you’re writing for a company to promote their product or service.

A company would either approach you and ask if you would like to share this on your blog or if there’s a product that you really love, you can reach out to them and see if they would like to work with you.

Again, make sure these products are ones that you have had an opportunity to test out and that you truly like and know that will be helpful to your readers. 

You don’t have to have a ton of followers in order to have sponsored content. If you have a group of loyal readers, those are the kind of bloggers companies are waiting tow work with.

Creating your own course

This is something we did – the Ultimate Blog Bootcamp. A course is a great way to take something you know that others need to know and help them and teach them.

You creating a course can add value to someone else’s life. You do not have to be an expert. If you know just 1-2% more than somebody else about something, you can teach them that! 


So instead of creating an entire course, you can create a smaller bit of information and put it into an e-book for. It’s a PDF download that somebody can purchase from you. 

There are several services to use that will host an e-book for you. After you create the e-book, people can pay through these services to purchase an e-book from you. 

The ideas are endless when it comes to creating e-books!

Freelance Work

You could become a Virtual Assistant to help bloggers, be a Pinterest Manager to help bloggers pin, take photos for bloggers, write blog posts for other bloggers. There are so many options when it comes to freelance work.

As you grow in the blogging community, you’ll find that you are really good at one thing and another blogger may be good at something else and you can offer services to other bloggers or hire help for services that you don’t enjoy as much!

Membership Plan

You can create a membership plan to stay connected with your readers and your audience by having them subscribe monthly. You provide them witth new content each week. How tis looks is going to depend on you. This can be as hands-on as you want ti but it is a great way to stay connected with your audience because you’re providing the value that they need on an ongoing basis.

Create your own product

You can create your own products to market. You can create journals, t-shirts, home decor, jewelry, artwork and you can sell these on your site as a great way to earn passive income each month. 

The opportunities are truly endless when it comes to ways to make money blogging.

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