One of the first questions (or at least the one people want to ask but might be to afraid) when we start talking about blogging is…. can you really make money doing that?

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The curiosity continues to grow as we start chatting about it and then follow up questions typically include how the money is made and the bigger question, how much.

Want an inside peek to these conversations? If you’re curious about whether you could make extra cash or build a business with blogging we will answer your questions!

How long before I can make money blogging?

First and foremost, what we want to tell you is that blogging is rarely, if ever, a way to make cash quickly. It takes time to grow a following, build traffic and create relationships.

That being said, the timeline is yours to control. Where you start and how hard you work will determine your outcome. Some people can start making money in a few short months, while others spend years building a thriving business.

In our experience, when someone commits several hours per week to creating and promoting content and who follows best practices (we go over all of these in our course) can start making up to a few hundred per month within a few months time.

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How much money can I make blogging?

We know of people who have been blogging for years and are only making pennies to people that have grown to seven figure incomes.

Where you fall depends on many things, including how hard you work and whether you know how to create the right kinds of content. A little bit of it comes from luck.

Ways to make money from a blog

  1. Ad Revenue – display ads on your site
  2. Affiliate Revenue – selling other peoples products for a percent of the sale
  3. Sponsored Posts – working with brands to create content featuring their products
  4. Products and Services – sell your own physical or digital products or services
  5. Freelancing and other – use your skills to help others

Want more info on each of these? Check out our post How to Make Money Blogging.

Whether you’d like some pocket money or you’d like to build an empire, just make sure you get started on the right foot! Instead of wasting time figuring out best practices, make sure you find people who can guide you and create a community of support!

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