Hey there! So you’re thinking about starting a blog? We love that idea!

Don’t know how? That’s ok! We understand it can be totally overwhelming.

We can help you!

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Steps to take before starting a blog:

1. Determine your why

Before you start a blog, it’s important to think about your “why”. Doing so will allow you to determine the best path for setting up your blog.

There can be many reasons to start a blog, including:

  1. a personal journal to keep friends and family updated
  2. an outlet or a way to record your own story for future use or accountability
  3. a way to reach people who would enjoy or need to hear your message
  4. to grow a business you love

2. Find your Niche

You might know a lot of things and be able to create amazing content on a variety of topics, but when you are first getting started, it’s better to hone in on a specific topic that might even seem hyper focused.

The reason for this is that Google algorithms will favor sites with authority, and a great way to build authority is to create a lot of high quality helpful content around a specific idea.

Gaining this authority will in turn help you grow the traffic to your site, because you will be providing content that people are searching for.

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3. Defining your Avatar

This step aligns closely with step 2 but takes it a bit further. After determining what you will be sharing, it’s time to figure out just exactly who you are taking to.

In this step we encourage you to either interview people that you believe to be your ideal readers or at least image exactly who they are.

Get very specific about what their needs and desires are, what motivates them, what they struggle with and what their lives look like on a daily basis.

When you get specific it helps you to picture that person in your mind every time you create content. Your goal is to solve a problem for that person, or to provide value to their life in some way.

4. Design and Create

Now that you now what you are going to blog about and who your readers will be, it’s time to create a website/blog that will not only draw their attention but provide them with the value they need.

A beautiful website is important, but just as important is the functionality of your website.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll want to consider in the design phase:

  • is my site easy to navigate
  • is it clear what I offer when someone lands on my homepage
  • are the colors and fonts easy to read on every device
  • is my site build on the best and most optimized platform

What’s next?

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