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How to Chose a Domain Name

While purchasing the domain name for your site is a simple process, deciding what to name your blog can be overwhelming! Instead of getting stuck on the first step of creating your new site, review these tips to make it easier and a lot more fun!

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In very basic terms, the domain name is the web address of your site. It’s what people will type into the URL bar in their search engine.

While there is a lot more to it involving IP addresses and numbers, the great part is that you can chose a simple, easy to remember name instead. That makes it really easy for someone to find your site!

How to purchase a domain name

A large non-profit organization is in charge of the policies and management of domain names, and they grant permission to companies to sell the domain names.

When you are ready to purchase a domain name you will simply go to the site for one of these companies and check to see if your desired domain is available. If so, you can purchase it and register it to you or your company.

You will pay a yearly fee to do this and can purchase one or multiple years at a time.

There are many companies out there that provide this service. Here are the couple that we use most often and recommend to our students:

Name Cheap


Choosing a domain name

Choosing a domain name is fun, but also very important! Your domain name should be well thought out and in line with your branding.

If you don’t already have a name for your blog or business, you should first spend a little time to come up with the name that is right for you.

  1. make a list of words that are meaningful to you and see if any common themes emerge
  2. it’s best to have a name with a catchy ring to it or that describes what you do or what you offer
  3. it should be easy to spell and easy for people to remember
  4. it should be something you like – this is a name that will be with you for a long time to come

Once you have some ideas, start brainstorming. Write down names on a list until you have several options.

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Once you have some ideas, it’s time to do a little research!

  1. Google the name and see if any businesses with that name already exist
  2. see what other things come up when you search for that name and make sure you are ok with those things being in the results when people search for you
  3. do a search with a domain registrar (like one that we mentioned above) to be sure the name is available

Once you are certain the name you want is available and that you love it, it’s time to buy it!

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