1. This was my first episode listening to y’all! I loved it. I’m launching my blog (first post was yesterday) to help with my e-commerce SEO.
    I’ve been an entrepreneur for almost 2 decades and absolutely agree systems are crucial. The first blog was so lengthy to write and get the alt tags and images formatted and Pinterest links. No joke!! I started writing a check list of all the things I did but with so many areas as a freelancer and business owner my brain is always on. Systems are the key.
    Thank you!!
    And I resonated with the last couple of minutes where she mentioned in case of emergency you need systems. My son is 13 but when he was 7 had a very bad incident at school and I had to have him home and switch schools it was awful. But I had to freeze my podcast and never came back to it. I know the reason was feeling like I was starting over from scratch. It was exhausting.

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