How Jordan Smith went from hobby blogger to full-time blogger

SHOW NOTES: Episode 3

Hey there! Today we are chatting with Jordan Smith. Jordan is a former student of the Ultimate Blog Bootcamp (a course that we have designed to help those who are wanting to start a blog or who have started but need extra help) and is now a successful full-time blogger.

Jordan’s journey to full-time blogger…

Jordan started a blog in college and she ended up starting a health and fitness journey at the same time. So many people would ask her questions about her journey so she decided to type everything once into a blog rather than sending the same messages over and over.

In 2019, Jordan decided she wanted to be a little more serious about her blog. She started posting more consistently and in 2020 she joined the first round of the Ultimate Blog Bootcamp and in less than a year from that point she started making an income from it. A year later she decided to go for it and become a full-time blogger. She got started with an ad network 9 months from starting the bootcamp.

We chat with Jordan about how you don’t have to be a good writer to be a blogger. That should not hold you back because the experiences that you have and can share with others is worth far more than your English skills.

What Jordan’s days look like now as a full-time blogger…

Jordan chats with us about what her days now look like as a full-time blogger. She explains that she loves the flexibility of blogging and that she can start at whatever time she wants and how she takes her daily and weekly goals and maps them out in a way that allows her to finish them. Jordan even chats with us about how she loves taking trips and how she can do that with the freedom and flexibility of blogging while still making an income.

Jordan shares some advice with new bloggers about having the right mindset and making an investment in yourself. She says that if she wouldn’t have made that initial investment in herself, her blog wouldn’t have grown and turned into a business. She wouldn’t have tried her best or been proud. It all builds off of each other and you have to go for it! “If you are doing something that you want to do and you’re trying your hardest doing it, there’s no failure with that.”

We are so proud of Jordan and love hearing the success that she has had. If you are thinking about starting a blog, come follow us on IG: @sparkmediaconcepts or learn more about the Ultimate Blog Bootcamp HERE.

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  • Jordan’s journey to becoming a successful full-time blogger
  • Why you don’t have to be a good writer to be a successful blogger
  • What Jordan’s days look like as a full-time blogger
  • The freedom and flexibility that blogging allows
  • Jordan’s advice for new bloggers or those wanting to start



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