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SHOW NOTES: Episode 8

Hey there! It’s Amy here and I am solo on today’s episode. I want to focus today’s episode on your avatar and niche. I know, I know: “Amy, I don’t want to niche down.” I have heard that before. That honestly used to be me. I wanted to write about it all, but today I want to explain the importance of doing finding your avatar and niche. It is so important that your audience knows that you are talking to them about things that they want to hear about. 

You want to be very specific about who you are talking to so you can help the right person. Blogging is about helping the person who is reading your blog and giving them a solution to a problem that they have so you want your readers (your ideal avatar) to have a clear understanding that they are in the right place when they visit your blog. 

I know it’s so hard to narrow down what you are going to talk about so I want to provide you with some tips when you are trying to niche down:

  1. What do you enjoy talking about?

What is something that you could talk about for hours?

2. Have you had a life experience that’s given you perspective on something that could help others? 

You could really help others with your life experiences.

3. If you’ve gone to college, could your education be something that would help others?

For instance as a teacher, could you help other teachers and provide things for them to use? If you were a finance major, could you provide budgeting tips to help another person?

4. What are your friends asking you advice about often?

The topic that you decide to talk about and share should be something that you care about and are passionate about. When you have that foundation of who you are talking to and what you are talking about, people will understand if they want to follow along or not.

Google also likes when we are niched down. They are more likely to rank your content when someone is searching for a topic if they understand what your website is about. 

I believe that the experiences and perspective that we have in our lives are meant to help others. Don’t let that go to waste. If there is something that you are passionate about or that you have experience in, help others with your blog. It is a gift to help others through blogging.


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