Corry Frazier on Brand Photography and How It Can Impact Your Blog

SHOW NOTES: Episode 20

What is brand photography and how can it impact your blog? Corry Frazier is our guest today and she is sharing that and so much more. Corry is a brand photographer and has been in business for the last 14 years. In addition to brand photography, Corry educates creative entrepreneurs and coaches new photographers on how to up-level their offers. 

Corry works with many different types of business owners, including bloggers, and she is here sharing her knowledge and expertise. Corry explains the importance of brand photography including the five branding questions your should ask when taking brand photos. Sharing this with your brand photographer will help them get a better idea on who you are serving through your blog. This helps to attract your ideal audience. 

Corry explains that the visual piece of brand photography helps you to build that “like, know, and trust factor” with your audience and community. 

We chat about the tips for finding the right photographer and how important it is to connect with your photographer on a personal level so that you can feel comfortable during the shoot. 

Oftentimes we want to show up for our audience but are uncomfortable getting behind the camera. Corry shares tips on feeling more comfortable at a brand photography session which includes having the right photographer for you and wearing an outfit that you love.

Corry also shares the 50 ideas for your brand photography for you (linked below) and information about how you can work with her!

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  • The importance of brand photography 
  • 5 branding questions you should ask and share with your photographer 
  • Tips for finding the right photographer
  • How often Corry recommends taking brand photos
  • Tips for feeling more comfortable at a brand photography session



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