How to Find the Confidence to Start a Blog and Battle Imposter Syndrome with Life Coach, Lyndsey Chambers

SHOW NOTES: Episode 21

Do you want to start a blog but don’t feel that confidence in yourself? Maybe you are thinking about it but imposter syndrome is sneaking in. Our guest today is here to help you with that. Lyndsey Chambers is a mindset and life coach who loves helping women find their authentic selves and to be unapologetic and confident. She gives advice on how to find the confidence to start a blog and to battle the imposter syndrome that comes along with starting your own business.

Lyndsey explains that imposter syndrome is not thinking you are as good as everyone else thinks you are or not believing in yourself and your capability. She explains that we typically believe in ourselves based off of our history and can only believe in what we have previously accomplished. This crushes our confidence. As Lyndsey says, just because you aren’t confident in something doesn’t mean you aren’t capable! Insecurity in something doesn’t mean you can’t do it!

She explains that just like when a toddler is learning to walk, we encourage them even when they fall. We should treat ourselves the same. It’s important that we build up that confidence in ourselves the way we would talk with our kids. She explains that sometimes you have to think about other places that you have had success in your life and “borrow that confidence”. You learn by doing and trying and you become successful from pushing forward and learning along the way. 

We chat about how comparison to others isn’t fair to you. Work on your blog. Don’t compare yourself. Keep pushing forward! Remember your why. It takes time to learn and that’s ok! As Lyndsey explains, you would have spent that time scrolling anyways. It is worth that time commitment. Your dreams are worth it!

This episode was full of so much wisdom and helpful tips that we know will give you that confidence to start or continue your blog. If you need extra support, please feel free to reach out to us on Instagram! If you are wanting to start a blog, join the waitlist for the Ultimate Blog Bootcamp! We would love to have you and welcome you to the blogging community!


  • Finding the confidence to start a blog
  • Believing in your capability
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Comparing ourselves to others
  • The importance of being in community with others



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