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Be more than an Instagram influencer

If you are on social media it’s no question that there is hype surrounding followers and engagement.

It seems that there is a misconception that just because a person, or brand, has a lot of followers that they are automatically making a lot of money. While some of them absolutely are making decent money, followers do not equal revenue.

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We get it.

It’s fun to have an engaged following and sponsored posts on a platform that a lot of people spend time on. It’s nice to feel like your words matter and you are getting paid to share things you love.

You can absolutely do all of those things though and still build a blog, and here is why we believe it is so important.

It’s 2020. Instagram is still hot right now. But, will it be forever?

Remember MySpace? Do you know anyone on MySpace anymore? This is our point. Instagram might not be around forever, and it is inevitable that it will change over the years and your approach will have to do so as well to continually grow.

You own your blog.

You own the content on your blog, but you don’t own your content on the social media platforms.

So, what if you wake up tomorrow and Instagram is… gone. And so is all of your content because you didn’t put it anywhere else?

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We aren’t telling you Instagram isn’t an important piece of the puzzle, but what we are telling you is that your blog is a long term investment. It can work for you for years and years and there is no guarantee that Instagram and Facebook will do the same.

If you want more information on how you can make money blogging, check out this post.

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