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Are These Beliefs Stopping You From Starting Your Blog?

When you have a big dream, it’s totally normal to think of all of the reasons it won’t work, because it is hard and it is scary to take those first steps. But we are here to tell you, you can! You are capable and you are ready! Let’s talk about the beliefs that hold us back and how we can overcome them!

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1. I don’t have time

It’s true! We are all starved for time. Most of us are overcommitted and stressed out and tired most days. So how in the world can you add one more thing to your already full plate?

It might not be easy, but it is simple. We make time for the things that are truly important to us. Think about if your calendar was already full for the day, but your child broke his arm. You’d find the time to take him to the doctor, right?

The reason we don’t make the time to work on our dreams is that there is no urgency, like when you need an emergency room visit. Therefore it always goes to the back burner.

But what if you did make the time, even just a small amount? What if you did treat your dreams with some urgency? Why shouldn’t you? You only get one life, and the time goes by pretty fast. If you don’t make time today, when will you?

Try this! Look at the Screentime App on your phone. How much time did you spend today scrolling Facebook or Instagram? Can you take 30 minutes of that time and apply it to something that will move your life forward in the direction you want to go?

2. I can’t afford it

This one is tough one, because we all have bills to pay and most of them have to come before any other money gets spent. Investing in yourself and your future is not an immediate priority when you need to pay the electric bill or buy groceries.

If you are wanting to start a blog as a business, there will be some cost involved, but thankfully, it’s one of the businesses you can start with very little investment!

There are tons of free and inexpensive resources out there, and the biggest question you will need to ask yourself is do I want to invest time or money. If time is a bigger issue, then joining a course like The Ultimate Blog Bootcamp might be your best solution. In the Bootcamp you can have your blog fully up and running in a matter of weeks with just a few hours of week of your time.

Another option is to Google and find the resources you will need to get up and running yourself. This is totally possible, and a completely valid choice for many. The trade-off is the time it will take you as well as knowing what information to trust.

A few tips for overcoming your money mindset:

  1. Remember, most businesses require some investment to get started. You wouldn’t open a coffee shop without buying a coffee maker and some coffee right? Treat this like a business, invest in it from day one, and treat it seriously. With that mindset, you’ll be much more likely to devote the resources to it you will need to grow it into a profitable business more quickly.
  2. If it’s truly important, you can likely find a way! Review your monthly spending. Is there anything extra that can be on hold? Do you really need Hulu and Netflix? Can you make coffee at home? Make some chili instead of getting takeout? Do you have unused stuff in your basement you could sell? Is there a side job you could do for a couple of months? We often overlook the easiest answers when it comes to finding a little extra cash.
  3. Consider your future, do you still want to be working at the job you have now in 5 years? If so, great!! But if you are not happy or fulfilled and dream about having flexibility to be with your family or the joy of creating your own brand, then when are you going to make a change? Is it worth it to find a way now so that in a few years from now you could possibly be living your dream?

3. It’s all to confusing

We won’t argue with you about that, getting started in blogging is confusing and overwhelming. But so is pretty much anything worthwhile in life right?

They key is to take it in baby steps and just start! You’ll never figure it out if you never try.

Blogging doesn’t require a degree or a ton of fancy equipment. It simply takes some basic internet skills and a whole lot of tenacity.

Most bloggers have no idea what they are doing when they start out. We all figure it out as we go! The best way to learn is just to do! Make mistakes and fix them. Start over. Keep going. One of these days before you know it, you’ll be so proud of all you’ve learned.

And, if you want guidance along the way, we are always here for you! When you join The Ultimate Blog Bootcamp we walk you through and teach you every step of setting up your blog in 8 weeks and answer all of your questions!

4. Someone else is already blogging about it

Yes, they probably are. But you know what? They aren’t you! And they don’t offer your unique perspective.

There are a lot of blogs in the world, but we firmly believe that there is plenty of space for more. Your voice matters, because you are the only one with your specific life experience, you unique point of view and your thoughts and beliefs.

We have seen it first hand! We have seen people start a blog on a topic that is already filled blogs and still be successful? Why? Because the fact that there are already so many blogs about it just proves it something people want!

And trust us, you can likely do an even better job of serving your audience than many other are doing, because you are thoughtful, caring and determined to make a difference.

5. My family doesn’t support me

It’s not unusual for spouses, parents and other significant people in our lives to doubt us when we have a dream that’s outside the “norm”.

These issues can be tricky to navigate, because every relationship is different. It’s important to consider this persons impact and why their opinion might matter to you.

If you share a bank account, you obviously need to be in agreement about any investment that is made. Or similarly with time commitments and shared responsibilities.

If this is your case, it’s important to have a serious discussion so that you can both be on the same page.

But, if you are simply listening to your loved ones doubts and allowing them to become your own, then it’s time to thank them for their input and make your own decision because it’s your life that you have to live.

We’ve had this experience firsthand and when people finally realize that you can make a living and enjoy your life doing something you love, not only do they become more supportive, often they start wanting to know more about how you did it!

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Tell us! If you’ve ever dreamed of starting a blog, what’s the reason you haven’t done it yet?

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