An Ultimate Blog Bootcamp Success Story: Brittany Glynn

SHOW NOTES: Episode 25

On today’s episode of the Ultimate Blog Podcast, we had the opportunity to chat with Brittany Glynn. Brittany is one of our former students from the Ultimate Blog Bootcamp, and part of our Ultimate Blog Membership. Today we have a very real and honest conversation about blogging and motherhood. 

Brittany joined the Ultimate Blog Bootcamp in January 2021 and shares the journey that led her to blogging (down to the exact moment that she knew she needed to start a blog). Brittany shares when she realized the need for a blog like hers that shares simple and easy wellness concepts for moms. She shares that she loves being a voice through encouragement and inspiration for mamas and how she started her blog to help others mamas. 

Prior to Brittany being a blogger, she worked as a pediatric nurse and then became a Stay-At-Home-Mom (SAHM) to take care of her little ones. She shares how she fits blogging into her SAHM schedule by being flexible and just showing up and doing it. We chat a lot about remembering your why through it all.

We are thankful to have Brittany in our Ultimate Blog Membership which is a community that you can join after the Ultimate Blog Bootcamp to stay connected with other bloggers who “get it”, who are on the same path as you, and to continue to keep this close community of friends who have walked and are walking this same path as you. Though no two bloggers are the same, having a community to surround yourself with through the ups and downs is so important. 

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  • Brittany’s journey to blogging
  • What Brittany loves about blogging
  • How Brittany fits her blog into her busy SAHM schedule
  • Importance of community within this space



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