An Open and Honest Conversation about Starting a Blog

Hey there! Today we are diving into some deep feelings that we have about being a blogger. This is an open and honest conversation that we want to have with you about what it takes to be a blogger, the sacrifices that you have to make, and the responsibilities that you take on with blogging. We want you to hear about the commitment that is so important to make when you are starting a blog and how very possible this life can be for you too. 

There are going to be sacrifices that you have to make when stating a blog. We talk about the shift and prioritization of your responsibilities. There is a lot of work that goes in to starting a blog and just because you start a blog doesn’t mean your other responsibilities go away. Can you shift those priorities though? Can you look at the tasks in your life that you can let go of or give to someone else in this season? You can’t do it all. As women, we often try to do it all but it is so important to delegate tasks to others if you can. 

We think it is so important to think of your goals when you are starting a blog. Is this going to be your full-time business? What do you want your days to look like? Where can you take 5-10 hours away from something else to commit to this?

Work on structuring your day in a way that allows you to work on those things that you have made a priority and those things that bring you joy. The impact that you can make on others through a blog is invaluable. There are so many benefits to blogging and when you look at it, we truly believe it makes those sacrifices that you make worth it.

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  • An open and honest look at what it takes to be a blogger
  • The sacrifices that you have to make when starting a blog
  • Prioritizing your time and responsibilities
  • How many hours you need to commit each week when starting a blog
  • Structuring your day 
  • How we believe the sacrifices are worth it and the impact that you make is important



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