Amy’s Blogging Journey

SHOW NOTES: Episode 15 – Amy’s Blogging Journey

Hey there! It’s Amy here and today I am solo. I am sharing with you all about my blogging journey and what led me to where I am today. 

My first experience with blogging

I started my first blog on Blog Spot in 2010 when blogging was a new thing. Blogging looked very different compared to today. I had went through a hard place in my life with my eating disorder and I found that it was therapeutic for me to write and share my journey with others. My original blog on Blog Spot was a more of about my personal journey. I loved blogging and connecting with others.

Things shifted in the blogging world and bloggers were switching to WordPress. I convinced myself that I didn’t belong in the blogging space anymore. I had my first child and became a busy full-time mom. Entrepreneur at heart, I would find different ways to make money from home while being a mama too. I blogged periodically between 2011-2014 but wasn’t consistent and in 2014, I gave it up completely. 

Working with Jennifer

In 2015, I joined Instagram and shared my personal weight loss journey and grew a following pretty quickly. I found a great community there. In 2016, my neighbor put up a post on Facebook saying that she needed help with her blog, Slow Cooker Gourmet. Blogging was something that I had done before and I was always interested in it. I jumped at the chance to help her. Jennifer had started a new blog called Garnished Plate and she needed help with her meal plan and photos and I absolutely loved helping her with her blog. 

I remember going with Jennifer to a blogging conference and I soaked it all in and learned so much and was amazed at the blogging world. I realized I was sharing everything for free on Instagram. Though I loved my community on Instagram, I wanted to add the blog but I was also scared. I remember on the way home Jennifer asked me what I learned and I said, “I learned I need to quit working for you and need to start my own blog” and Jennifer said “I’ve been waiting for you to realize this.”

I’m so thankful that Jennifer was appreciative of my help but also saw that I was not being true to who I was and that I needed to start my own blog. 

The start of my blog, Beautifully Broken Journey

In the summer of 2017, I started my own blog, Beautifully Broken Journey, with much help from Jennifer and her husband, Shawn. I was scared to start my own blog but it has been a blast and I love what I do. 

One day, Jennifer was talking to me about a dream that she had someday, to help others start their own blogs. A few weeks later, I found our first client. We jumped in and started Spark Media Concepts in December 2017. It has brought me so much joy. 

Blogging has given me this outlet to be creative and use my passion to help others and serve others. I am so thankful to have a job where I can help others.

If you are nervous about starting a blog, just start it. You are never going to feel ready but what if it is the journey that you need? What if it changes the trajectory of everything for you?

I love to connect with you! Check out the links below for how to connect with me at Beautifully Broken Journey and with Jennifer and I at Spark Media Concepts!


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