Amy Williams Shares Her Insight on Blogging

SHOW NOTES: Episode 24

Today we are chatting with Amy Williams from “My Name is Snickerdoodle”. Amy shares so much insight into blogging. She has been blogging for the last 17 years and today she is sharing her journey, insight and perspective into blogging with us.

Amy shares where her unique name for her blog came from and how her journey began and what has kept her going. We chat a lot about mindset and Amy mentions the first $23 check that she received from blogging. She shares how it became a celebratory moment. We chat about how it’s important to celebrate even the smallest parts of our journey because they make up the big picture later. We chat about believing in yourself and shifting our perspective to embrace changes that come up along the way.

Amy shares about how blogging can be a lot of work but how rewarding it is and getting messages from people who have made your recipes and seeing the joy from them makes it so worth it. 

We chat about not comparing yourself to others. She shares that when she feels like she is starting to compare, it’s because she is consuming too much and not producing enough. She encourages us to do something your love and that you are good at to feel that sense of accomplishment again and help you to stop comparing. 

We have a conversation about finding and remembering your why and how that can shift over the years as well. Keeping your why forefront in your business is very important. Amy even shares some tips that she would give to a new blogger. This episode is full of helpful information whether you have had a blog for years or just starting out.

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  • Amy’s journey to blogging
  • Celebrating even the small moments
  • Mindset shifts
  • Finding and remembering your why
  • Tips that Amy would give a new blogger



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