Affiliate Marketing and Sponsored Posts with Shanna Hutcheson

SHOW NOTES: Episode 6

Today we are chatting with Shanna Hutcheson. We met Shanna in 2018 when she allowed us to do her blog and we’ve connected with her ever since. Shanna is a registered dietician and blogger in Kansas City. She chats with us today all about affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.

So what is affiliate marketing?

Shanna explains that when you are an affiliate for a brand, the brand gives you a unique link that you can use to share with your followers or a unique discount code or such. The code or link is commissionable so each time that you make a sale using that link, you earn a percentage from that brand from your followers using that code.

Shanna explains the importance of really connecting with brands that you already use and love. If you are posting about a product that you already use, sometimes that brand will reach out to you…but don’t be afraid to reach out to them as well!

Always make sure that you are disclosing that you are an affiliate when sharing a code as well!

Difference between being an affiliate and working with a brand on sponsored content

With sponsored consent, a brand will pay you a fixed amount for that work. You’ll have a contract that will lay out the terms and you’ll have a certain set price with a “live date” that you are planning to make a post about this brand. A lot of times you are asked to share analytics (whereas with affiliate codes you don’t have to share analytics). Based on the performance of that post, the brand will determine the success of that campaign.

She explains that affiliate marketing can feel like less pressure whereas with sponsored work, you know what your rates are and know what you are going to be paid for so it can feel a little more reliable. Overall, she likes to have a mix of both. We even chat about long-term contracts with brands and what that looks like.

We talk about how often times we find ourselves having to feel “worthy” enough to ask for money when becoming sponsored with a brand. It’s so important to realize that the quality of work that you are putting out is worth being paid for. It’s ok to do some posts here and there for products specifically but you should also understand that it is ok to be paid.

Whether you want to look into affiliate marketing or sponsored posts or a mix of both for you blog, this is an episode packed with information that you don’t want to miss!

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