Welcome to Spark Media Concepts!

Who we are:

We are bloggers with a combined 12+ years of experience and have created a business that helps others pursue their passions while creating an income and designing a life they dream of.

We are committed to helping you grow your online presence.

We have experience from our years of blogging, personal development and networking and want to share that with you.  

Our goal is to help you create the building blocks for a successful business.

What we do: 

The purpose of Spark Media Concepts is to teach and train individuals to optimize their online presence so their businesses will flourish and grow into the company of their dreams.  

We personally utilize all the practices we teach and train to build our own websites.  

We believe that authenticity and organically growing your online presence is beneficial in building lasting relationships and building trust with your potential and/or current customers/clients.

How we can help you:

We have created an online course, The Ultimate Blog Bootcamp, to help people begin their blogging journey, or help existing bloggers improve their website with a focus on SEO optimization and user experience.  

We believe community is what makes us different.  We are here every step of the way to encourage and support you on your blogging journey and we are invested in your success!

We love helping others and can’t wait to help YOU launch your website!  

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Amy Reinecke is a Kansas City based blogger and entrepreneur who has a passion for helping others.  Amy began in 2015 and has grown an organic social media following of over 41k followers.  After sharing her journey on Instagram she wanted to have a larger platform to share her story, so in August 2017, she started her blog, Beautifully Broken Journey.  She is driven and motivated to help others optimize their business and build their dreams.

Spark Media Concepts

Jennifer Draper is a Kansas City based food blogger and photographer.  She first joined the online business world in 2013 when she launched her recipe sharing website Slow Cooker Gourmet. Jennifer spent countless hours learning the online business world and has been able to grow this site to almost 6.5 million yearly page views with over 3.8 million unique viewers each year. Based on that success and her passion for sharing recipes, she started a new niche site, Garnished Plate, in 2016, that has rapidly been growing and expanding her business. She now wants to share that knowledge and passion with others who want to grow the business they have always dreamed of.

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