A conversation about mindset, confidence, and encouragement to push forward in your blogging business with Melissa Pepin

SHOW NOTES: Episode 27

Melissa Pepin is a confidence coach for female founders and she is on the podcast today sharing a lot about mindset, confidence, and encouragement that can help you push forward with your blogging business.

Melissa has been an entrepreneur for nearly 17 years, starting out as a photographer and then she moved into coaching as a confidence coach. 

On today’s episode we have a conversation about how we can find that confidence to grow our business, finding what you want to share with the world, remembering why you are in business, not comparing yourself to others, and remembering how much you can truly impact another person with what you share!

We enjoyed this conversation with Melissa and we know you are going to gain so much value from this episode as well.

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  • How we can find that confidence to grow our business
  • Finding out what you want to share with the world
  • Remembering why you are in business
  • Not comparing yourself to others
  • Remembering how much you can truly impact another person with what you share



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