8 Habits for Success

SHOW NOTES: Episode 13

Today we are talking all about habits! We have 8 habits for success that we want to share with you. Whether you are just starting your blogging journey or have been on it for a while, we believe it is important to develop habits for success.

1. Be realistic with your time and expectations.

Look at your schedule, commitments, and to-do list. Be realistic in terms of what you can actually accomplish. Take a moment every day, every week, or every month and look at all of the things that you need to accomplish.

2. Set weekly and monthly intentions.

Look at your calendar at the beginning of the month and see what things you have coming up. What appointments or calls do you have? What blog posts need to go out? Know what is expected of you each week or each month so you aren’t worrying at the end of the moth that you haven’t gotten things done. Each month may look different and that is ok.

3. Create work and/or office hours.

Create focused work time that you can spend on just work. If it’s only for an hour here and there, that’s fine. Set aside that time and be sure to spend that time on work only. Set boundaries around the time that we have and make that commitment to yourself.

4. Batch your work.

This is really helpful to focus on similar tasks at one time. This helps you get things done faster and helps you to not feel burned out.

5. Outsource.

This may feel hard but if you can look at things such as household chores, grocery delivery or pickup, carpool, lawn work, laundry, etc. and have someone else help out wit those things, think about how much extra time you will have to get work done that you need to get done.

6. Make time for rest.

Rest is not the same as sleep. Both are so important. Allow yourself to rest. Just because you are resting does not mean you are lazy. Your body needs rest so that you can be focused and energized when it is time to work.

7. Follow-up with yourself.

Spend time evaluating those goals that you have set for yourself. Did you accomplish the things you wanted to accomplish this week or month? This is not meant to make you feel bad about not getting something done but rather to measure your progress in order to measure success. You have to know what is working in order to know where to continue to focus your efforts.

8. Give yourself grace.

Lastly, give yourself grace. We can set these really high expectations for ourselves and then feel let down if we don’t hit them. The truth is, you may not hit your goals every single time, and that is ok. We all struggle. Be willing to adjust your goals during that time and give yourself grace for the season that you’re in.


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