2. 8 Benefits of Blogging

8 Benefits of Blogging

SHOW NOTES: Episode 2

Today we wanted to chat with you about why we chose blogging over a traditional career with 8 benefits of blogging. Blogging isn’t necessarily something that either of us planned on doing but when the opportunity presented itself, we went for it!

Although blogging isn’t a traditional career path, it is something that can be a career for you and provide a full-time income.

From flexibility to learning and growing, there are so many reasons why becoming a blogger is a great career path. 

Our top 8 favorite benefits of blogging:

1. Flexible schedule

When you have kids, a flexible schedule is so convenient. We are so thankful to be bloggers where we can work from home while our kids are at school and when they are home, we can be there for them.

2. Being your own boss

There is no ceiling. In the corporate world, you have specific tasks and you go above and beyond and work really hard but you’re not in control of your growth, potential, and future. You can work as hard as you want but your salary may remain the same. Blogging is different. You are your own boss and there is no limit on how successful you can be.

3. You get to control your income

This does not mean you are going to “get rick quick”, but it IS possible to find new and creative ways to make money as a blogger. There are so many options out there.

4. To be there when your kids need you

We are there when our kids need us. It’s precious moments that we could never get back if we were working our corporate jobs. We can volunteer in our kid’s classrooms if  we want or take them to ball practice. The flexibility to work when you want is nice.

5. You get to do the work that you’re passionate about 

How many people get to wake up in the morning and say “I can’t wait get started at work today.” We feel like that with blogging. We are super passionate about our blogs and helping others start blogs. Amy is passionate about health and living a healthy lifestyle and says it is so rewarding to talk about what you’re passionate about and help other people along the way.

For Jennifer, it has always been about feeding her family healthy dinners and figuring out ways to get healthy meals on the table. She loves creating those recipes and sharing with other people. 

6. You can make an impact on others and the world

So whether you’re making this huge impact or a small impact, what you’re doing is providing something that other people can find valuable. You can use something that you’re knowledgeable about or something that you know just a little bit more about than the person next door, but you can help them by sharing your recipes, knowledge about health, anything. The possibilities are endless. When you are a blogger and you can make an impact on others, and it feels so good to help others.

We love helping others with our blogs and we love helping others start their own blogs with the Ultimate Blog Bootcamp. We love getting to meet our students and helping them make their impact on others.

7. You can continue learning and growing

It’s truly amazing to learn and grow and share that knowledge with others. It’s amazing to expand your life in a way that allows you to apply that to something you care about a lot.

8. Never be stuck plugging away at a 9-5

It’s important to know that if you are stuck in a 9-5 and want to get out, there is another option for you.

We’ve talked a lot about our favorite benefits, but there are so many more benefits to being a blogger. We’re curious to know, why do you want to be a blogger?

It is very possible to create a full-time income blogging. Even if your family and friends don’t understand, we are here to help and support you through this. 

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  • Our top 8 benefits of blogging 



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